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Victoria Butterfly Gardens is now home to the world’s smallest crocodilian species

There’s now one more reason to visit Victoria Butterfly Gardens!

The Victoria Butterfly Gardens (VBG) recently acquired a very unique addition, adding to their already incredible jungle experience—a Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman!

The caiman (Paleosuchus palpebrosus) holds the title of the smallest living New World crocodilian, hailing from the alligator family typically found in northern and central South America.

This caiman is currently being cared for by the VBG on behalf of Environment and Climate Change Canada, after it was intercepted by Canadian authorities in a coordinated effort to combat wildlife trafficking.

The animal was discovered being held illegally without the necessary permits, and while legal proceedings are underway to determine its future, VBG will serve as its temporary home!

“We are thrilled to welcome this caiman to our family,” says Ronalea Durance, Victoria Butterfly Gardens General Manager.

“This represents a victory against illegal wildlife trade but also underscores our commitment to the welfare of rescued or surrendered creatures.”

Though how long the caiman will remain at Victoria Butterfly Gardens is uncertain at this time, it’s currently housed in a specially designed habitat that replicates its natural environment, offering it ample space and resources for its physical and behavioral

Under the guidance of animal care professionals at VBG, the caiman will receive comprehensive veterinary care, enrichment activities, and behavioral training to
ensure its well-being and adaptation to its new surroundings.

In addition to serving as an ambassador for its species, the caiman will play an important role in allowing visitors to learn about the importance of conservation and the threats facing wildlife in their natural habitats.

Through visual displays and educational workshops, guests will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of its ecological significance.

“Our goal is to inspire compassion, curiosity, and stewardship for wildlife conservation,” added Ronalea.

All of the animals at Victoria Butterfly Gardens are rescues, donations, or adoptions. VBG does not purchase animals from the exotic pet trade. In their view, the world does not need anymore captive tropical animals that are difficult to care for properly and have the potential to live for many decades.

Prior to accepting an animal into the gardens, VBG follows an in-depth set of standards and holds the necessary credentials to ensure the continued success, safety, and well-being of the existing population.

You can learn more about the caiman acquisition here, and if you want to grab your tickets to VBG to see it in person, you can get those online!

(Victoria Butterfly Gardens)

Victoria Butterfly Gardens Caiman Exhibit

  • Where: 1461 Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood Bay
  • When: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily
  • Tickets: Available online!
    • Adult: $19.50
    • Student/Senior: $15.50
    • Child (5-12): $9.00
    • Infant (0-4): Free

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