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12 captures of last night’s fire red sunset over Vancouver Island (PHOTOS)

Last night, Vancouver Island was treated to a breathtaking sight as the setting sun painted the sky in vivid shades of red and orange—with the sun itself being bright red.

However, this awe-inspiring spectacle was tinged with a somber reminder of the ongoing wildfires that have ravaged communities across the region.

The intense red hues were a direct result of the smoke from these wildfires that hung in the atmosphere, creating a surreal and captivating sunset.

As nature showcased its artistic prowess, the fiery sunset also served as a stark reminder of the devastating impact wildfires have on communities.

The same smoke that contributed to the stunning display in the sky was a grave representation of the challenges faced by those living amidst the relentless flames.

The conditions prompted Environment Canada to issue a special air quality statement, cautioning residents about the potential health risks associated with the smoky skies.

While the beauty of the sunset captured the attention of many, it’s crucial to recognize the urgent need to support and stand with the affected communities.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the illuminated sky stood as both a tribute to resilience and a call for solidarity in the face of wildfires’ destructive force.

Without further ado, here are some stunning photos captured around Vancouver Island Saturday night:

(Savary Island / Savary Island)
(Campbell River / Leah Irvine)
(Brentwood Bay / Tracy Jayne)
(View from Glo restaurant / Teresa Cinco)
(The Malahat / Katherine Holt)
(On lochside sunrise / Lori Thompson)
(Lake Cowichan / Bobbi Ruf)
(Esquimalt Lagoon / Ron Forbes)
(Sidney / Jackie Waggoner)
(James Bay / Don Peterson)
(And a sunrise photo from Esquimalt Lagoon by Ralph Keenan)

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