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    The tale of Goats on the Roof: Coombs’ quirky tradition

    In the quaint town of Coombs on Vancouver Island, lies a peculiar sight that never fails to captivate visitors and locals alike: goats on the roof!

    Yes, you read that right – real, live goats happily grazing atop the roofs of buildings.

    But how did this charming tradition come to be?

    Legend has it that back in the 1970s, when Coombs was a small logging community struggling to attract tourists, the owners of the Coombs Country Market came up with a wild idea to draw attention to their store: they decided to put some goats on their grass-covered roof!

    As unconventional as it sounded, this whimsical idea turned out to be a stroke of genius.

    The goats quickly became the talk of the town, and soon word spread far and wide about the quirky spectacle of goats munching on grass while perched atop a roof. Tourists began flocking to Coombs just to catch a glimpse of these furry roof-dwellers in action.

    But why goats on the roof, you might wonder?

    Well, the idea was inspired by the traditional thatched roofs found in some European countries, where goats were known to graze. While Coombs didn’t have thatched roofs, the owners of the market decided to create their own version of this charming scene.

    As the years went by, the goats on the roof became an iconic symbol of Coombs, drawing even more visitors to the town. Eventually, other businesses in the area followed suit, and today, several buildings in Coombs boast their own resident goats on the roof.

    Visitors to Coombs can now enjoy strolling through the market, browsing the array of local goods, and snapping photos of the adorable goats above.

    And for those wondering about the welfare of these rooftop residents, fear not – the goats are well taken care of, with ample space to roam and plenty of tasty grass to munch on.

    So, the next time you find yourself on Vancouver Island, be sure to make a stop in Coombs to witness the delightful sight of goats on the roof.

    It’s a quirky tradition that has stood the test of time, bringing joy to all who encounter it and cementing Coombs’ reputation as one of the most charming destinations in British Columbia.

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